Spidar (CyDar) Information:


Device Driver for Spidar Controller (USB2.0, SH4)  Driver.zip

Recommended software environment for Spidar:
Springhead - an open source software toolkit for virtual environment development.


Spidar Controller User's Guide (SH4) s01e.pdf (limited)

Spidar Controller User's Guide (USB2.0)  u02e.pdf

Recomended motor for Spidar:
Maxon RE25 motor 10W 24V No.118746 + HEDS-5540 encorder or
(for middle or large (life-size) application)
Maxon RE-max24 motor 6.5W 24V No.220432 + No.201937 encorder
(for small (desktop) application)

Recommended wire for Spidar: TORAY Salt Line Sea Bass PE wire.jpg

Recommended wire connection: Clinch Knot clinch.jpg

Example of Spidar frame:

Foldable frame Spidar
named Sphere
Sphere with a grip
with switches
with qubic type frame
Universal motor mount
and a pulley

Realtime Stereo Vision System:


We demonstrate a human head tracking system using the real-time stereo machine named SAZAN. In this system, the location of the human head is detected and its head pose is estimated continuously. In addition, the front-view images are detected by checking if it is facing for the front. Usually, it is not easy to detect the human head and its pose only from the intensity image. In our demo, by using the depth images, the detection of the head and its direction is effectively and robustly performed.


camera head and stereo vision boards

depth map image

human head tracker dialog

This issue was presented at CVPR 2000
Advance Program for Live Demonstration Sessions

panel (PDF)

Spatial GUI and 3D Grip (haptic interface):


Mouse and icon based GUI (Graphical User Interface) systems are dominantly used in todayfs personal computer interface. The interface has difficulties for every person not having computer literacy. Information and networked society in the 21st century will require more intuitive and user-friendly interface commonly used for young and old, men and women.@In this development of spatial GUI system, we provide a new user interface in PC world with desktop haptic device which fits to the human hand having multiple degrees of freedom driving up & down, left & right, back & forth, rotation and grasping virtual objects in the display. The spatial GUI consists of 3D grip interface firmware function, 3D grip device driver function and spatial GUI function. The result of evaluation in VR space shows efficiency of spatial GUI system.

3D grip device and virtual shopping mall


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